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improvements. >> thank you. it's on ocean but on san jose as well where it's inaccessible sidewalks and ramps that are actually very dangerous. >> right. so i think san jose crush ramp improvements are done by the green yard rail project and fully funded. our board is going to be approving the contract this afternoon. moving on to -- speaking of that contract one of its key components is a new accessible boarding platform on san jose for the j and the k where people are now boarding in an area that is very close to the tracks. it has major safety inaccessibility problems so this will help address that. >> are those tracks actually going to be moved? right now there is the bench point i put on the screen last week at the board of supervisors meeting so the tracks moved and the poles taken out? is that part of the project? >> we are moving to move the poles to remove the pinch points. there isn't enough room to change the track alignment. it's so tight and part of the overall big squeeze, but that is something i will talk more about. >> great. >> finally on this slide in the lower right fl
records of any kind relating to discussions with any other agencies. the references to the san jose city attorney's office are dated 9 months after that. but i think what is really important is that there is a, i think, a reference in an e-mail that it was mr. st craw who spoke to the city attorney about taking these cases. so what we don't know is how this magically happened, nine months later. there are also no e-mails or other written communications of any kind internally within the staff or with any of the commissioners with one exception which i will give you in a moment. so there is no way to track how this all came about. >> it is obvious that none of you were directly involved in the decision, which considering that it involved your... it had to be completely transparent and it had to be one that everybody would accept. i did find an e-mail from the chairman. it surprised me. it said, it went to mr. san croy. read shaw's complaints is there not any reason that we can't release san jose's analysis about why st san croy's allegations fall. i don't know much about ethics but i know
aware of whether the san jose ethics commission has ever handled either on an advisorry basis or otherwise complaint referal from the different jurisdictional agencies? >> i have staffed the san jose election commission from 2008 and we have not ever accepted any such referals. >> has the elections commission made any referals themselves for matters to be handled by a agency outside of san jose? >> the election commission procedures and i think that our ethics ordinance do have some provisions for making referals. but that is generally in the nature of the district attorney office or their political practice commission. it would be something consistent with the jurisdiction of the selection commission but might possibly be ... there may be some criminal activity or some additional allegations that related to some violations of political format. not to another agency like the san francisco ethics commission or the oakland ethics commission. >> okay. thank you. very much. >> and any other questions for miss herrick on this matter? >> no. i don't have any. >> commissioner studley
and are collecting donations to maintain it now. >> san jose held the veteran a's day parade today. the opening ceremony took place in honor of the 1918 arm consist signed at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11 -month. . >> it was a beautiful day for a pradz in san francisco as the people lined up the streets for this year's veteran's day absolute. hundreds of veterans took part in a march down the street. san francisco mayor ed lee was there to show support. >> lots of blue skies today but now the rain and the days to expect it with the pinpoint forecast. . >> he was among millions to have fought for our freedom, the dramatic firsthand account from a bay area veteran who was at the battle of the bulge who risked their lives to protect our liberties. cbs 5 reporter ann makovec brins on this veteran ace day we're with hon norg those who risks their lives to bring us liberties. >> one night, there was a big explosion, everybody rushed to the docks and a crew ship had been torpedo. >> 89 years old herman shapiro is a world you war one veteran and remembers a night when u.s. ships were att
. 36 and livermore. 48 for downtown san francisco. 43 in san jose. there is a bit of a systems dropping from the pacific northwest. impacting parts of northern california. it will break down with that not much rain thing in the bay area. we could have light sprinkle for santa rosa and communities north of that. sunny and clear conditions as we head into the afternoon. >> futurecast for tracking temperatures 12:00 p.m. everyone in the '50s. we will pull off 60s as we head into the afternoon highs there will not last for long as we head into napm. blue on your screen indicates fifties. and the '50s--the purple indicates we can see some 60s. . 634 mount view 67 in los gatos. mid '60s for san jose and milpitas. temperatures will be warmer compared to what we saw this weekend. low 60s are fairfield and concord. mostly sunny conditions for east bay shoreline. downtown san francisco 61 degrees. upper 50s or petaluma and a bottle. 58 if you are heading to ocean beach. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast wet weather on the way you can see by thursday we will see more in the way by cloud co
. both directions are moving fine right now. 101 looking good, downtown san jose super quiet. and this is close to the oakland coliseum. as you make your way past 66 towards downtown, it's continuing to look good. no brake lights toward highway 92. this is a look at westbound 580. so far it's clear in this direction from the altamont pass out toward the dublin interchange. bart trains are on time. back to you. >>> 4:37. now oakland homeowners concerned about foreclosure can get questions answered today. the city's free housing and foreclosure clinic is set to begin at 10:00 this morning through 5:00 this afternoon at the oakland marriott convention center. representatives from every banks will be there to offer adviceover loan modifications and other options. >>> in a strike against israelis, negotiations have started up once again. >> people are hoping for a resolution soon. >> reporter: good morning. we are outside the knob hill foods in redwood shores, one of more than 100 stores affected by this strike. both sides are back at the table but no agreement just yet. they are
york, oakland and san jose or santa clara mta. they all had higher scores than muni. muni was on the bottom. we included bart. since they said other systems did it we decided to look at the systems in paris france. it took months to identify the right officials and in this case either the head of operations or the systems schedulinger all but one which was new york agreed to an extensive interview by two of us and per the rules we were not identified. nevertheless of the interviews as described in the report were significant. all transit systems it became clear had multiple systems that were similar and had challenges and all needed to deal with complex traffic, scheduling, and terrain problems uniquely their own, and yet as we had known the san francisco controller's survey had shown all had higher reliability and rider seaferz than muni and we determined that all systems use switchbacks they only did so in cases of equipment break down or emergencies except for one. one system which happened to be the santa clara mta does use switch backs and interestingly enough th
a traditional dinner. donation are are down at second harvest food bng in san jose during their busiest time of the year. they're looking for all kinds of food, but most of all turkeys. >> turkey donations have been slow to come in. i think that's because most people were thinking about the giants or the election and i understand that, but with thanksgiving a week early, we really do immediate some help. >> reporter: they need 12,000 turkeys total and only have half of that. at sacred heart, they need 4,000 turkeys. so far there's just 62 in the back freeze erbe. >> right now, we don't have all the food we need. that's part of why we want to get the message out. >> reporter: part of the message that second harvest provides food to 250,000 people every month. >> that's literally one in ten people in our two counties. >> reporter: and cash donations are also needed. $1 can provide two meals. >> we got to make sure we keep bringing to people there's hope. >> reporter: if you would like to make a doe he nation, go to one of the food pantries or come right to second harvest. they'll have exte
clara, san jose, we want that effort to insight people to take this opportunity to join our nfl, join our 49ers, to join all of our sports crazy efforts and education efforts and all the things that we really reflect success in the san francisco bay area to join us in promoting this event and making sure that when we are ready to submit our bid to the nfl in may of next year that we will have created a community-based bay area wide effort to reflect on this wonderful opportunity. right now it is only an invitation but we will show this allows us to create the most collaborative efforts with segments of business education, bay area, the different mayors coming together, bringing us all together on this incredible opportunity. i have always thought that sports is an inspiration. i'm a big fan of 9ers, i know they will have an opportunity to win tonight. but it inspires us to think through what we can do together in collaboration. winning is certainly a great thing to have. but i think we win on many more fronts when we bring people together and focus on a larger goal, that winning means
by the afternoon. not going to be as warm as that. 65 degrees in san jose. 60 in san francisco, 61 degrees in santa rosa. there are warmer days on the horizon. >>> if you have to head to work this morning. at least won't have as much company as usual. this is a live look. the headlights, that's the commute direction westbound 580. the drive time outer cash lanes boomy fingering lights have not been turned out. you can see the middle fast track lights, the regular commuters getting by. all the way up the incline. we're seeing a few brake lights as we approach it it is -- tuscara bridge. and that is the check of time saver traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you, members of congress are demanding more information on the investigation of general david petraeus. he resigned last week as head of the cia after admitting to an extra marital affair. tara merger joins us from washington. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. jill kelly a long time friend of the petraeus family apparently went to the fbi several months ago with her concerns and that led o to a revelation about the affair. and now congress
to the north and east bay some 30s. for the morning patchy frost in the north and east bay valleys. 39 san jose. mid-40s san francisco. the other thing we will watch is an increasing chance of rain coming in the forecast. you can see on the radar approaching the north bay. we will let you know when we expect the next round of rain to arrive an how it may impact your workweek coming up. >>> coming up, a bus driver blows the whistle on school bus safety and is now out of a job. it is an nbc bay area investigative unit exclusive. >>> plus -- the 49ers lost alex smith during a concussioning in today's game. ahead jim harbaugh talks about smith's injury. >>> and the search for answers following an explosion that devastated a neighborhood. the latest on that investigation. >>> investigators are trying to determine the cause of an explosion that damaged dozens of homes in indianapolis overnight. two people were killed and seven hurt. three homes were levelled and as many as 80 homes were damaged in the richmond hill neighborhood of indianapolis. so far, investigators have ruled out a bomb or a drug la
california city. >>> and a live look outside spanning over the south bay. that is san jose. christina loren will tell you about the crisp day outside. the news at 11:00 starts right now. >>> good morning. thanks for being with us. i' i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley. union city police investigating a bizary hiizarre death. a young man stuffed in a trash can. we have bob redell with more. >> reporter: good morning, jon. we know the lady who lives in the home behind me on tenth street made the discovery sunday morning at 11:00. as she took out the trash, she noticed a bin that wasn't hers. she found a man slouched, feet at the bottom and head at the top. she recognized him at 21-year-old joshua perez. a family friend whom she watched grow up as a kid and sometimes stayed at her house. she and other family members tried to wake him. he was unresponsive, but still alive, but arrived at the hospital and later died. >> he was a good uncle and good brother to me. he was a good son. he didn't deserve to be put in a trash can. he's not garbage. >> reporter: that's joshua's older sister who is sti
is happening on the roads, sal? >>> as a matter of fact, we are looking at the traffic on 280 in san jose and it gets a little bit crowded but it has not reached critical levels. sunole grade, same thing on interstate 880, certainly a lot of people are out there but it's not stop and go. let's go to steve. >>> it was cold yesterday even though we had sunny skies, 58 was popular, napa, san francisco, a cool 58, today we will be 62, 62 and 63 in livermore and 65 in san jose. a few high clouds way to the north overall up towards fort brag and shelter cove. 68 on those temperatures. >>> a dying man was found inside of a trash can. here is the latest on the investigation. >>> a car crashes and two people were able to walk away, why police think this crash happened, stay tuned for more. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ . >>> welcome back sitting for members of the marine corp, there will be two minutes of silence and in honor of the veterans and wall street open, we will have all the business news coming up in just a bit. >> we will smile and say good morning to you. it is monday, november 12th, it is
the minds after y a june juror from san jose and sophomore from palo alto advancing to the -- national finals -- [ unintelligible ] >> we took a look at cancer cells and investigated protein we could like to use it for treatment for future lung cancer patients. >> they won a $ ,000 scholarship. top prize -- won a $6,000 scholarship. >>> a lot of kids are off today. [ unintelligible ] >>> looks good, warmer, nice time to rake leaves maybe or mow the lawn. >> is that what your kids are doing? >> no knows, they are supposed to i left them a list. i pay 'em, i do. 5:18, good morning. maybe they should spend a little time learning more about veterans and watching stuff about that, that would be nice too. looking down from sutro tower all wait over to the east bay hills this morning, high clouds, radar returns on live doppler in the north bay most of the morning now moving into the central valley, no report of anything making it to ground the air is too dry and now the clouds are leaving temperatures are dropping back into the 30s in the north bay again. 38 napa, fairfield 36, clouds are ove
. definitely frost there concord, 35. antioch, san jose, this morning, 38. as the clouds move in, it will insulate us tonight, so temperatures for tomorrow morning, not as cold. going to be chilly. 35 for santa rosa. 41, san rafael. the clouds near san francisco, 48 degrees overnight. interior east bay. 41 for concord. san jose, 38 last night. tomorrow morning, 45. right now we are at 46 degrees in napa. 53 in san francisco. 50 los gatos, 50 in livermore and antioch. the forecast, not as cold torch because of the cloudings moving in. a warmer day monday, tuesday, and wednesday, and then showers for the entire bay area will return to our forecast heading into thursday, friday, and looks like a pretty wet system will move in for a week ahead. just sunday and monday. high pressure builds in tomorrow, so warmer day. we will keep clouds overhead as this cold front is very close to the north bay. some hazy sunshine for your monday. let me show you the forecast. this is monday. 7:00 a.m. much of the rain band -- this is the front kind of falling apart. stays north to the golden gate bri
. >> san mateo area is most zen area. where religious populations live san jose bay area has most buddhists per capita. 1.2% consider themselves as buddhists. san francisco and los angeles round out the top five. birmingham, alabama had the smallest percentage. >> you can expect a huge tax increase next year. they agree we need tax cuts not right now but can't figure out how to get it done. we'll break down the political object stack kalgs next. >> it is chilly again outside but leigh says there is a bit of a break. >> the 49ers and rams gave several chances to win. it went to ♪ ♪ we were skipping stones ♪ and letting go ♪ over the river and down the road ♪ [ female announcer ] at nature valley, we know nature comes together in amazing ways. that's why we bring together natural ingredients, like dark chocolate with toasted oats, or sweet golden honey. perfect combinations of nature's delicious ingredients, from nature valley. ♪ ♪ i was thinking that i hope this never ends ♪ [ female announcer ] nature valley granola bars, nature at its most delicious. >> ama: in january an $
this morning was 30 degrees. napa, 32. check out novato. 29. antioch and san jose reached overnight temperatures of 38 degrees. the clouds over us helped to bring overnight temperatures up so we'll look for mid-to-upper 30s in the north bay. 48 for san francisco, 42 for half moon became interior east bay community, temperatures will be warmer overnight. upper 30s to mid-to-low 40s there. low pressure responsible for the cold air mass moved on towards the east. high pressure will bring is a dry day. we'll keep our eyes on the cold front here. this is monday. this band stays to the north. this is 11:00 monday night. we're dry. check out tuesday. very close to the north bay and san rafael and points northword. this forecast, we're going to put maybe a chance of an isolated shower in the forecast from the golden gate bridge north. by wednesday all of this pushes towards the north. so wednesday will be one of the nicest days this work week, with dry conditions and warmer temperatures. here's a look for highed for monday. napa, 62. oakland, 64. 64, san jose. gilroy, monterey bay, temperat
honoring vets. san jose, one of the many parades,th annual parade. -- 94th annual parade. considered one of the biggest. this morning before the parade headed down-market street. >>> in castro valley, veterans monument, years in the making was dedicated at memorial park. it honors service members from all of the military branches. >> new details on the scandal involves the resignation of the head of the cia. dianne feinstein, house of the the senate committee says the fbi did not tell the committee it was investigating him and his a fair with his biographer. >> this is something that could of had an effect on national security. i think we should have been told. there is a way to do it. that is to inform the chairs of both committees. >> a florida woman complained about threatening e-mails. kelly says she has been friends with the petr ark eus for years. tonight she is -- petraus for years. tonight she is doing for privacy. >>> now, democrats hold the senate. >> there is a buzz not up like 6th graders home alone on a friday night we are going to raise every tax and then burn down the hou
. 50, 60, central bay, 62 in san jose. that is not too far off of the mark of average high, 68 degrees, low 60s in santa rosa after, again, a freezing start to the day. and 56 in concord. back through clayton. this is the scene in san francisco. 66. the temperatures are uniformed due to a lack of win. san jose looking at the hp pavilion. clear skies there. we will noticeip creasing clouds as -- increasing clouds as the night progresses. turning partly cloudy, increasing clouds, starting off partly cloudy, ending mainly cloudy. then, the forecast, wait until you see that. we do have rain in the forecast. very unsettled weather pat upper. tonight, -- pattern. tonight, 35 degrees in napa. not as chilly as in other areas. an area of low pressure, taking with it a smattering of rain, sleet and even snow. and it is clipping the north western quadrent. those areas leading to just the potential of the rain showers by monday night. this area of low pressure is falling apart at the seems. quickly. upper 50s and 60s at the beaches tomorrow. that cloud cover acts like a pwhraeufrpget to the temper
bay with 40s by the bay. we'll start out with mid 40s san francisco and oakland, 40 for san jose and the coolest temperatures in the mid 30s livermore and fairfield in santa rosa, one degree above freezing for tonight. let you know what it's going to be like as we get into the afternoon coming up. >>> and coming up a candle light vigil for a murdered man. the family is seek justice. police are searching for the killer. >>> then the bay area honors military as thousands gather in the south bay for a big celebration. that's all next [ female announcer ] welcome, one and all, to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor. a feeding frenzy, to say the least. a turkey from safeway will have everyone raving. there's fresh, natural, frozen, whatever your craving. spend $25, and get a frozen safeway turkey for 59 cents a pound. or spend $25, and a frozen butterball turkey, just 99 cents a pound. so raise your glass, pull up a chair, grab a plate. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. safeway. ingredients for life. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. how d
that i sat there all of these hears, every single one of them and the memo that is from the san jose city attorney does not... is not detailed in our discussions. david pilpal and i agree on almost nothing. and he has extensive experience with that sunshine ordinance. and he sat on the task force before and he has been through many, many origins of it and he had brought to your attention, again, the same thing that we discussed. that there is some correspondence in there that does not fall under the investigatory process that the city claims everything is under there. and indeed, doctor kerr brought up again, but in some instances they just wanted to know if anything had been done, they wanted some dates. there was money that was found indeed to be missing and it was replaced. and the people who found it to be missing we have no idea what happened to them. but the doctors who found that it was missing, are wanting to find out some pieces of information because they were retaliated against or they believe that they were retaliated against. just two just very different people from the sunsh
francisco warmed to 58 degree. it was 58 in antioch you can see as well as livermore and san jose the toasty part of our area, 62 degrees. santa cruz was 63. so here is a look at our current readings. getting chilly. 37 in fairfield and already 40 in napa and santa rosa. 51 san francisco and 50 for oakland right now. we have 42 in livermore and 45 in san jose. and we will look for temperatures to be not as cold tonight thanks to the cloud cover that will insulate us a bit. it does look like showers will return by week's end and a pretty good rain maker expected next sunday as well as monday. the lows tonight will keep things a little above the freezing mark. santa rosa 33. 34 for napa by tomorrow morning. 47 for san francisco. 40s elsewhere around the peninsula and all wait down toward san jose. 43 and 41 in antioch. now here is the set up for tomorrow. high pressure is building in. you will notice pretty good looking frontal system to the north and west. most of the energy will stay to the north. tomorrow at least we will look for clouds and as the high builds in, it will bring warmer tempe
on the bridge. the traffic is looking good on the way to san jose and traffic is looking good on the freeways there. >>> we have mostly clear skies sunday and we have a few high clouds but it is still cold out there. a northerly breeze but still a cold morning for us. warmer weather though, a little bit today, more likely into tomorrow and also into tuesday, tuesday maybe wednesday, gradual warmup, maybe 70 but if it was not for that breeze, 36 degrees and rather chilly, i did see it in the outer sunset. that easterly breeze, i would say calm in the winds and the system is going north. it is trying punch in and any rain is about fort brag, you can see the line and we get a few high clouds, that is it. you can see we never really get south of ukiah here, a few high clouds, i will buy into that, eureka and there in lice the rub late in the weekendment partly sa cold morning, still 60s on the temperatures and low to mid, the warmest will be gilroy. not much change, systems up in oregon border, i think saturday it runs into a lot of resistance may be clouds and rain sunday but don't cancel any pl
and hayward 63 expected and 63 in livermore. 64 san jose and 63 in sunny veil along the peninsular 63 and 62 in san mateo. we will be cooling off around sunset around 5:00 and the extended forecast shows a warming trend monday tuesday through wednesday, we begin to fall back but it looks like there is a possibility of a few scattered showers and it looks like we will old off until wednesday. >>> they are urging everybody to kick the habit. out officials will provide free lung screeningingits and it will be available wednesday and thursday on west san pablo and the pittsburgh and legal talks. tomorrow the president will meet with the legal representatives and on wednesday he will meet with business representatives. he will try and build support for his proposal to avoid spending increases and spending cuts and it will take affect at the end of the year if an agreement is not reached. >>> late tonight construction work starts on the cal train tracks. they will elevating the tracks in san bruno but it also creates a new elevated station to replace the street level station in sylvan avenue. cal
, three degrees. temperatures are in the 50s or oakland, san jose but it is colder in the north bay. petaluma, novato.. 30's and here is your forecast ramp for tomorrow. 6:00 a.m., the purple. with 30's for the north bay, the east bay and 40's by the bay. here is a sampling of the overnight temperatures. generally, they are right around sunrise. look for mid 40's san francisco, oakland. and mid 40's with one degrees above freezing. note, we are up by one, three degrees. and in the last not bad. we do have this storm system to watch but it does not look like it is going to directly impact us. by midnight, the system to the north-coast and high clouds ahead of this system. that will come our way we will see some showers on tuesday. temperatures tomorrow looking at low mid 30's in the north bay. notice we are not below freezing. 33 degrees. the 32 is the freezing point. pleasanton, 40's. and again, mid-40s by the bay. the highs will be in the low mid-60s. these numbers will be up by three- five degrees. a little bit nicer but mostly sunny skies. 64 degrees, san jose and we will be in t
. yesterday was a cold day, even though this was -- was sunny. low to mid-60s today. san jose will be the warmest on this panel at 65. but a little warmer probably into wednesday. high pressure says i'm not that strong. i'm going to send everything to the north. upper 60s. maybe eke out a 70. ignore that. that's just needback from the sacramento radar a lot of 30s. plenty to go around. it could be colder in we didn't have a slight breeze. the more clouds, the more you go -- you can see them stretching right there and there. a stronger system digs offshore for wednesday. eventually the system will make our way -- make its way toward us. a lot of lead time. partly sunny to the north. some higher clouds. temperatures starting off in the 30s and 40s. we'll end up with 60s, coast, bay, inland. it will be a fine line. temperatures very close all around. santa cruz probably the warmest at 67. not much change accept a little warmer into midweek. then we'll watch the next system work its way to the coast. again, i think the system might even come in late or even monday. tori and dave.
is from san jose to the san francisco tranit train center. in april of this year the authority board authorized an mou between nine members stakeholders of the cal train and the high speed rail which you see in this list. and early investment strategy for the peninsula corridor basically has two components, advanced signal system and positive flow control and the [inaudible] including the vehicles. that's a total cost of 1.5 billion dollars. and this brings us to today's allocation request. this is for the cboss which is the acronym for the over lay signal system and type of advanced signal system. there are many types and this is the one cal train has chosen to use, and this system is basically to track train locations and prevent unsafe movements and consist of on board equipment and weigh side equipment. the total budget is $231 million. the system in addition to improving the signals and safety has also the added benefit of shortening travel times and also reducing gate down times so improving crossings for traffic. it has a variety of elements from data link communication
. how wonderful is that? is 75¢ cheaper than just a month ago. and oakland is $3.84 and san jose $3.84. people are happy about this and are ready think about what they're when to do with the extra money. >> how hard was it a month ago when you are paying nearly $5. >> very hard for me, really hard for me because i work so far. >> i bet it's better now. what the plan to do the extra money? >> it's for my kids. >> fret that moneys you'll probably have to buy her kids winter coats like i said. it is cold in the cold continues to drop. we can think old man winter for the gas prices to drop because we're on the winter blende. most of the refineries are back on line which is why we see more supplies. lasting man because the driving season is over. --less de mand >> remember we used to warm up the car for like 50 minutes? you don't remember that. >> they say now don't do that because you, with your cup of coffee and your car would be gone. you don't need to warm your car anymore just get in your car because it is a see the light with the cold weather. >> new this morning when alarm fire br
in san fncisco and oakland. temperatures, low to mid 60s, san jose south. m slightly off shore, it will be cooler there. san francisco, a high of 60. 64 in oakland, and 63, again, around santa rosa. we will see the temperatures climb up. wednesday, the warmest day of the week. showers in ?bjjáá(áu+ip r(t&háhc second half of the week, thursday into friday, some rain. and cooler temperatures to wrap up the work week. next weekend, it does look like we will get a system that will drop more snow for the sierras. we got almost two &"at of snow. >> all the resorts are opening up next weekend as well. a lot of them. >> yes, and the trucky was 5 degrees. >> thank you, rob. thanks for joining us for the special edition of bay area newy up next, x finity isports. we will see you back here tonight at 11:00. good night.
have the day off. right now traffic light, highway 87 san jose couple cars headed northbound past hp pavillion. first look at bay bridge toll, light, no problems, no issues on upper deck into san francisco, drive out of antioch looking good, no problems here as you make your way towards pitburg and concord. nice drive out of the -- central valley at the limit westbound from tracy up and over the altamont pass, less than 15 minutes. >>> deadly blast levels homes in indiana. next, the big mystery police and firefighters are trying to solve. >> officials begin adding up damage from superstorm sandy, the huge financial aid new york state alone could be (kx;x;x;x;x;x$j >>> welcome back. clear from sutro tower off to the east little frost in some of our valleys rain on the way. all the details coming up. more news. >>> investigators still don't know what caused a blast in an indiana neighborhood that killed two people saturday night. the explosion was so powerful the house at the center of it, is gone as many as 30 other damaged homes may have to be demolished. damage extents for two bloc
. that friday is an important day considering we have the opening of the ice rink in downtown san jose and the lighting, the christmas lighting of the embarcadero buildings on friday evening. that is your forecast. you know, i am not sure what i saw happen today. i don't know. a little is coming up. raiders collapse r-fpss historical, the game is next ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, an injured quarterback, an overtime, missed field goals xt . >>> we have an injured quarterback, overtime and that is only part of the story 72 we might have a quarterback controversy now. -- oh, really? >> an injured quarterback, missed field goals, adding to a bizarre day at candlestick. the fly over was the only thing that looked right. alex smith, forced to run, goes into a slide. hit hard, in the back of the head and goes down with a concussion on it this play, actually, stays in the game. smith finds crabtree, nice move, scores on a 14 yard touchdown pass to make it 14-7. but, dave smith is done for the day. replacing smith in the 4th quarter. he gets to the outside and scores on an 8 yard run. 49er down 17-14. fumbl
to a yet start sunny no record highs. bull picture downtown san jose this morning. 2600 feet up on mount tamalpais back towards ocean beach, haze, no need to worry not a spare the air day. live doppler 7 hd, clouds on top of us, well away from the bay area up to the north that's where the storm track is going to stay over the next couple of days. a dip or two may try to fall in the north bay, i think mendocino, those counties probably closest it is going to get. as far as clouds, to the north visible satellite, all that snow that fell over the weekend up in the sierra, that hooks dining room than it did last week. temperatures 60 in oakland now los gatos everybody else mid to upper 50s san rafael 51. 52 santa cruz, upper 50s to low 60s the rest of the monterey bay and inland sunny here. today mostly sunny, warmer, not only today, tomorrow, wednesday, thursday. first chance of wet weather tie day, better chance of colder wet weather sunday through tuesday. today temperatures jump two degrees in oakland, san francisco, fremont three, concord east bay valleys jump the most up to 7°, also t
contra el galaxy de los angeles que dejo fuera al super lider san jose earhquakes. ambas finales seran ida y vuelta. super semifinal oeste saunders 1 real salt lake 0 cortesia: mls/csn/nbc nfl: ravens vs raiders por la nfl, se viene la decima semana de la temporada regular y los ravens reciben en su estadio de baltimore a los raiders de oakland, sera un partido de la misma conferencia americna, los ravens como punteros de la division norte y los rairdes terceros en el oeste. en la jornada anterior los ravens derrotaron 25-15 a los browns en cleveland y los raides perdieron con los bucaneros. ravens contra raiders sera el domingo a la una de la tarde en baltimore. super ravens vs raiders domingo 1:00 pm en baltimore nba: wizards por la nba, los wizards tendrán un fin de semana de mucha ación, hoy en con los buls en el verizon center y mañana viajan a indiana para enfrentar a los pacers. previo a estos partidos, los wizards vienen de perder ante los celtics en el td garden de boston, el quinteto capitalino busca su primer victoria de la temporada regular. super wizards doble juego bus
news group." paul rogers, environment writer for "san jose mercury news." and carla marinucci, "san francisco chronicle," senior political reporter. carla, you get to have all the fun. you were in chicago on tuesday night. tell us what was it like. were people surprised at the close, the short drama? >> well, you know, belva, we were in the snoechs the snoeno hampshire, you know how dramatic it was all the way through. just amazing to be there on that final night. this was a much different election night than 2008, when 250,000 people greeted this sort of landmark moment. barack obama is more weathered, he's -- >> belva: graying. >> graying, but boy, the -- the democrats there, it was just pandemonium. and i think -- this time, it was tears of relief. instead of joy. that this contest has been so tough, so expensive and so important in so many ways and we saw it so negative that i think people are glad it's over, but to be there and to watch the president give that address and we heard him today in washington talking about what happens now in this country. i think the republicans l
at san jose state and hundred students who are future teachers. >> can they do a projector? >> no. my teacher did, but again using social media, integrating all of the areas is so important for the prevention. thank you for that focus too and i think that gentleman has comments. >> i was going to follow up in the conversation with digital media or literacy needed within the educational system. we are still experiencing digital divide and access and just the one you speak of recently officer when you mention the generations and investigators not engaged with this media and no don't know my book or face space and when you have to look at youth culture. we talk about texting and sexing and omg and i didn't text anything to you. i spoke to and part of the language and how they engage so until we look at the culture of young people and how do we impact today's 20th century media culture we can't make a huge impact in regards to bullying or electronic aggression or whatever name we want to place on it and is affecting the students and i am excited you're addressing this issue and it's a
the average price is $3.98. in oakland it is $3.84. in san jose is $3.81. these gas prices will continue to drop before thanksgiving. there are more refineries back online and their maintenance. is done and they are working at full production. they're now using the winter blin gas and it is a lot cheaper to use. the biggest reason is becaus sombecause the summer driving season is over. there is less demand now. >>where is your coat? >>my coat is in the car and i will step back in there. i am not rambo or commando i am not trying to be soft but i can't stand the weather for a little bit. i will go back in the car to get warm. >>other news for you. at one alarm fire broke out in the house in redwood city. this is a area that we're talking about. this fire was called after 1:30 a.m. this morning. in this video there is in damage and quite a bit of it. the fire crews are still on the same mantra for hot spots. there are no injuries reported and they're still looking into the reason for the fire. >>the 49 is taking on the st. louis rams. they ended the game in a tie. the score was 24 to 24. t
systems that use it and they have talked to them and all except san jose, santa clara don't use them so are there other transit systems that you're specifically aware that do and question seems like they never got that information and wanted to ask you about that? >> yes. i can speak to from first hand experience on a couple of those i was the general manager in boston at there and i am aware of the operating practices there, and it's beston and pick the government center and the green line -- several lines go into the green line and trains frequently switched there. that is just one example. we also reached out after we saw the initial report that said that others did not do switchbacks. we reached out to other transit systems that we listed in our response that owls do switchbacks so again the same caveat. all of the other transit systems will tell you would they prefer not to do switchbacks? yes they would. in some cases, in the case of bart they have tracks and they can do other things but they also do switch backs and schedule them everyday as well, so in our view and base some
for retirees. >>> the big parade in san jose and most other local events were held yesterday since november 11 november 11th fell on a weekend this year. and almost a week after the election, a race in san francisco is still too close to call. norman lee has a 20 vote edge or crowley in district 7 supervisor race with 3000 provisional ballots yet to be counted. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment. ,,,,,,,, >>> good morning, if you're traveling in the east bay, southbound 880 right before embark dare row we still have this -- embarcadero, and a little further south in the oakland coliseum, looks good and a quick look at the san mateo bridge, things are flowing nicely both directions. that is your tame saver traffic. >>> a little chilly if you are headed out the door. let's take you to ocean beach, nice and clear but the temperatures going to stay cool out toward the coastline. we'll see occasionally passing clouds, 30s and some 40s. maybe patchy frost in the valleys. highs in the 50s coast side. 60s elsewhere. at little bit warmer the next few days and maybe some showers on frida
and 63 in san jose. everything changes as we head into tomorrow. the 70s return. 72 degrees by wednesday and then the rain cools us off thursday into friday. mike, pretty busy even though it's a holiday. >> you know, we do. we have a couple of pretty large slowdowns. the one we're worried about is oakland 880 at the coliseum, things look fine in the north direction. there was slowing from here up to where i showed you on the maps, 23rd. an accident at the center divide as you approach the area. the northbound side has smoothed out but the southbound side is a little worse all the way down to where i'm told all lanes are cleared. chp says lanes are cleared through the area. a little slow southbound 101 out of the san mateo and in through palo alto and there's your northbound slowing for san jose, jon. >> and we are back in a half hour with more local updates. see you then. frigidaire we introduced the first home freezer. the first pulsator agitator washer. we created a host of innovations that have helped make your home life better. and now we introduce the frigidaire orbitclean™ dishwa
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